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ICPD is supporting research conducted by The Mother's Service Society (India) on both theoretical and practical approaches to the issue of employment based on understanding that full employment is an achievable goal in both developed and developing nations. For a complete list of research papers, please see www.mssresearch.org.


  Employment Trends in the 21st Century
  Job Creation during the 20th Century
  Full Employment (from ICPF report)
  Employment in the Global Knowledge Society
Creating 100 Million Jobs in India
  Rural Employment Strategy for India
  The Future of Work
  Report of ICPF Working Group on Employment
  Employment Strategy for Germany Nov 2006
  Summary of Prosperity 2000 Strategy 
  Prosperity 2000 - 100 Million Jobs for India 
  Employment Strategy for Pondicherry, India 
  Theoretical Framework for Employment Generation
  Youth Employment Summit Approach Paper 


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